Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Possibly Having a Stalker

Strange things have been happening around here lately.

First things first. My mom called me a couple weeks ago and told me I had an E-bay package waiting for me at her house. It's been a couple years since I've dabbled in the E-bay scene, so out of curiosity, I had her open it. I thought surely I'd remember ordering something once I saw what was inside.

Well, this is what was inside. A poster. With man/woman/creation written in marker in this odd pattern. Is this a joke? Is this code for something? Who would even buy this? After racking my brain for a couple days, I resigned to that fact that it was some freakish mix up of addresses. And names.

Just about the time I had forgotten about the poster, I received a hand addressed envelope. The return address was a common man's name and last name (kind of like John Doe) with a PO Box only, from New York. Inside this one? Hand clipped makeup coupons. We're talking...this person went through the newspaper and clipped coupons. At this point I am starting to panic a little bit. My mom is convinced that its anthrax. I am feeling like this is the beginning of a Lifetime movie.

This past weekend, the pattern continued. Two more packages arrived, this time from China. One was labeled : Creative Item. Wasn't as exciting as it sounds. The creative item was a sim card adapter. The second package was five beads. Just five.

I'm kind of amused to be honest. Maybe something really cool and useful will be delivered next time. However, I'm pretty sure its time I investigate further before I end up on the news. Suggestions anyone?

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  1. Ok, the coupons are creepy, but the others do sound like an ebay mixup. If there's a receipt inside, I'd send an email to their support staff with the auction ID and have them check with the seller to see if any packages went missing.