Tuesday, November 19, 2013

October Re-Cap

Oh hey, let's do an October re-cap. If we make a list, it'll go faster, then we can move on to the quickly passing month of November, then it will be Christmas & before you know it, BAM- 2014.

1) Fall began at my new favorite place on earth, Whole Foods. It puts a huge dent in my wallet, but I enjoy the experience so much that I deem it worth dropping $100 each time I exit the door.

2) Taking in the last few lazy weekends at Wylly Island... moving date: November 1st.

3) Isle of Hope Art Festival. I went earlier in the day with mom and dad, toured all the booths, and got a few early Christmas gifts ( for myself....) The best part was running into so many familiar faces. Isle of Hope will always be home to me. We had Joe's Lobster Roll's for lunch from a stand in the marina parking lot. That guy was killin it....so delicious. Check out his lobster claw hat.

Later I came back with Josh when he got off work and we revisited all my favorite booths, drank some cheap wine, and listened to some live music.

4) Cathlin started working in the school system as a PSI parapro and now that we have the same work schedule, we send each other selfies every morning to compare outfits. The sad part is, I'm not even kidding.

5) The 5th grade team dressed up as the Pink Ladies for Halloween. I was Rizzo. Vicky, don't kill me, but I had to post a picture of you as Jan. Too bad the toothbrush in your pocket isn't showing. She was seriously the best. Oh... and our grade level won for best costume. Not bragging or anything.

The end!

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