Friday, May 13, 2011

Banana Popsicles

This sounds like the Jack Johnson song... no wait....that's Banana Pancakes (but those are yummy too).

So today its REALLY hot outside....90's, still stagnant air, no breeze. One of the 3rd graders brought me a banana popsicle. It's been years since I've had one and it took me right back to my childhood. Everytime I was sick and layed up in bed, my mom would give me banana popsicles. Why banana? I don't know- ask her....but it was the standard "sick" food at my house. Along with Ginger Ale. I never realized how much I missed someone feeding me banana popsicles until I was sick without her around. Somehow they have evolved into a comfort a blast from the past. So weird how that works.

What did your mom feed you when you were sick? Someone else once told me that Jolly Ranchers was their "sick" food. Mom's always have little tricks up their sleeves to make their babies feel better.

And while I was googling a pic to go along with my banana popscicle blog, I just happened to find this: a more sophistocated approach to the banana popsicle. I may have to give them a try now that I'm all grown up.

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