Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Early Morning Run

Last night I watched a really inspiring show. It was about a 21 year old girl who lost 161 pounds in a year. You may have seen it too....and I might be off on the exact number of lbs she lost, but either way, it was a big accomplishment. She worked out 5 hours a day. You heard me. 5-hours-per- day. There was a scene of her getting up early in the morning to run & she talked about how she felt unstoppable when she ran. I think that's where the inspiration came in for me. I used to be that way. I used to get up early in the mornings to work out and I actaully LIKED it. It just started the day off right, then...I had the rest of my day ahead of me where I didn't have to worry about squeezing in a workout when I was exhausted after work.

I remember back when I would be upset if I didn't get to exercise for the day. I want to feel that way again. So, last night I set out my pink nike shorts and bright green running shirt, socks, headphones, etc. (That way I couldn't "forget" when I woke up....just in case the inspiration had left me.) Well, it was the opposite. I couldn't get out of bed fast enough! My feet hit the pavement at 6:44 this morning and off I went! High tide, sunrise, neighbors out who I never see because I'm usually asleep. All around positive experience. And, I'll do it again tomorrow.

Are you inspired now too??


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