Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ode to Cathlin

After this most disturbing facebook wall post: "Hi, I'm Cathlin... your SISTER! Not sure if you remember me." ....I knew it was time to do something. How could our realtionship have come to this level?! It's a sad day. So, to make amends- here's a shout out to my lil sis, Cath.

(And I understand most of you may not have a clue about half of what I'm writing, but that's ok- because this is for Cath.)

Dear CathLIN, pretty name (Tarzan bang on chest),

Here are a few things about you that the world should know.

1) Your neck gets very splotchy when you are nervous and It makes me giggle. Especially when I "help" you in June's class. "YES! BRILLIANT! Cathlin is correct AGAIN!"

2) You are the fashionista that I will never be and I miss living with you because you would give me good tips & I could borrow your clothes (as long as they were loose fitting or had elastic in them. You are skinny. I am not.) Now, all I wear is CARDIGANS.
3) The only thing you know how to successfully make in the kitchen is a mess. Probably because you can't get your thumbs off those text buttons.
4) I like going to weddings with you and dancing like a hooligan. Then coming downtown to your friend's house and drunk dialing from the bathroom. did that, not me.
5) I will never look like you in a bathing suit. I've accepted it.
I just have to keep reminding myself that its only because you used to go by the name of stick- legs and its in your genes.

6) Two words: Aliem Fingers (and my masterful photography)

7) I love you.
Love, Sissy

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