Sunday, January 22, 2012

Learning About Me

I learned a little something about myself this weekend.  I've come to the the realization that I crave novelty. Not adventure, just novelty.  The new and unexplored. Don't make me go skydiving, bungee jumping, or <insert thrill.>  Just give me something fresh to sink my energy into. Last week I ranted about not being able to find balance in my life. I jump from one exciting thing to another. One month its blogging, the next its yoga, maybe throw in thrift shopping, oh, don't forget DIY house projects, then maybe I'll go train for another 1/2 marathon. Point being, boredom sets in quickly & am constantly needing to change things up.

Of all the things I love to switch around,  I have never felt the urge to move to different city or state. That might fall into the "too adventurous for me" category. Savannah is home and I am a homebody in every sense of the word. Even in my cravings for novelty, I'm pretty predicable at the same time. I love my Friday nights when I come from work, change into my long sleeve shirt and sweatpants, maybe babysit for a couple hours ($$$)....then in the case of this Friday night...curl up on the couch with a blanket, watch Father of Bride II and eat Salt & Pepper cashews (No, they're not on my Cleanse diet. You caught me.) 

 I love my Saturday mornings when I can Pinterest until noon in my PJ's with this little guy beside me. Then there is weekend yoga. No rushing to get home and make dinner, no rushing to go home and get ready for work.
Notice tennis ball in background. He's worn out. 
Then there is Sunday. My re-grouping for the week day. Church, grocery store, laundry, prepare meals for the week, etc. Could I be any more regimented? Here I started talking about how much I love new things, then I end with realizing how set in my ways I am. Well, the title was right-  I'm "Learning About Myself!"


PS: My friend Angie posted this video today. Made me laugh! If you've ever practiced yoga- you'll be able to relate :)

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  1. From one routine-love to another: I'm with you, sister. And your routine sounds pretty darn relaxing and fab. Enjoy the weekend!