Sunday, January 8, 2012

Turning 28

The other day I read on someones profile: "Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied to many." I couldn't agree more. Today is the day I turn 28 and I've gotta say... the older I get, the more comfortable I become in my own skin. I've had an entire birthday weekend. I guess having a Monday birthday isn't so bad when you think of it that way! Friday night, my family took me to Ele for dinner and we had the best time.  Mom and Dad came to pick me up, we had a little bit of bubbly at the house while I opened my presents, then we met my sister and her boyfriend there. We had a giggly waiter, some nice wine, fancy food, and good conversation. One conversation in particular involving alligators and other river creatures, thus confirming why I do not like to swim in said rivers.

I made everyone take a picture of their entree before digging in. They may have given me funny looks but  I bet they appreciate it now! I couldn't tell you the name of what anyone got, except for mine: Green Curry with Chicken. My mouth just started watering when I typed that. True story.

Cathlin's (sorry its sideways)
My Green Curry with Chicken
Ryan's Sushi
Chocolate Bomb
My Key Lime Cake
Chocolate & more chocolate
Thanks Mom & Dad!

Today at school for my REAL birthday was extra special too! Ms. Donovan surprised me with a lunch of Taco Salad and Spoon Brownies for all the first grade teachers to celebrate my big day. Ashley gave me a some new soap from the Paris Market, and the day wouldn't have been complete without 1st grade happy birthday drawings. Some kids took the whole birthday thing more seriously than others & made an over abundance of cards. I had them guess how old I was with the closest one earning a ring pop. I ranged from the age of 12 to 107 with the majority of guesses in the mid 30's. The winner guessed that I was 29.

Wish I could have more than 1 birthday a year! Its been a good one. Thanks friends!