Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Passing It On

I got this text from my sister today as she was on the way to my house: "Mom gave me a bag with some stuff you left at her house... she put some receipts she found on the ground that you dropped and also a little twine string with a bird on it that you can maybe use for something."

Just ponder on that for awhile.  My family apparently doesn't like to throw stuff away so they pass around their junk hoping that the next person can use it. Somehow I am the one they always pass it to. I have a hard time throwing things away and they probably know this. They know their junk will be put to good use with me.

Other things I have been gifted with recently: fork packets, plastic to-go containers from restaurants, magazines, sweatshirts, hotel toiletries, trinkets that come in the mail from places that want you've donated money to 15 years ago. For example: dream catchers, stickers, pocket calendars, guardian angel pins... you know what I'm talking about.

I hope I don't end up on Hoarders one day. I'm afraid to post this because they may decide after reading to quit giving me stuff. Please don't! I am grateful for every "thing" you send my way.


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