Monday, March 18, 2013

Sully & Alley

Sometimes I swear children's books were written for grown ups. Last week my reading group at school was going over a story called Sully the Seal and Alley the Cat. The rest of the class is more advanced and on to novel studies, so we just keep it simple and do smaller, more understandable stories. Much more my speed anyway.

As we were reading our book, a paragraph from the story jumped out at me. Alley the Cat is the narrator of this particular story and he is describing how he and Sully the Seal became friends. The line went like this:

"But Sully and I didn't care if we were different. It was how we were alike that counted. We both really liked fish. We both loved to play. We both liked being petted and taking long naps in the sun. We'd curl up together in the afternoons and Sully's coat felt like a silk bed. So it really didn't matter that we came from different places and looked different. We learned to love eachother."

Simple, but just what I needed to hear. Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world are the ones who are very different from me. Different, but the same. They are the ones who teach me the most. Leave it to children's books. They get me every time.

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