Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vision Boards

Last week my yoga studio showed a documentary called Hungry for Change. It was a good follow up for those of us who have completed the Clean Diet (and those who have fallen off the wagon, ahem...) My friend Angie and I made clean snacks and spent our Friday night being wholesome and watching the movie with a bunch of other yogis. She made the most delicious pumpkin cookies which I tried to recreate and failed miserably. I made a Lemony Spinach Hummus....straight from the recipe. No creativity here. Reaaallly garlicky, but pretty good! I have decided that I need a food processor. The blender wasn't meant for making hummus.

During the movie, there was a part that touched on how our brains function primarily on images and how it helps to show our brain pictures of our goals in life. The example was: if you go to a different country where you can't speak their language and try to ask, "Where is the restroom?" no one will have a clue what you're trying to say. On the other hand, if you draw a picture of a toilet and use that as your communication, the request is no longer foreign. Same thing with our brains. Sometimes words get misconstrued, so if we focus on a picture, over a period of time our brains will recognize what we want and we will become more naturally suited towards achieving our goals. So....yeah it sounds a little hokey to me too, but at the same time....I get it. I like the idea.

Fast forward to tonight. Angie had me over for dinner and we drank wine and went on a walk and talked about a little bit of everything....Then...we got down to business. Cork board + magazines + scissors + tacks + playlists + sitting cross- legged on the floor + her cats biting and pawing at magazine pages=  VISION BOARDS.

Here is my final product. So happy with it! You should definitely make one. Especially if you are on Spring Break like me :)

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