Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bargain Hunting

Friday night I enjoyed some much needed Caroline Time. It had been a busy week filled with people & St. Patty's festivities, so I just needed a little down time. What better to do than go out and put my coupons to good use. Don't you hate it when a good coupon goes to waste? I do.

First stop, Jo-Ann, (the craft store). I've stooped to new level of old-lady by admitting that Jo Ann is one of my favorite stores. But, they have all my crafting needs! And they take as many coupons as you can give them. One of my new favorite apps is GeoQpons. This app gives you a list of all kinds of stores and you can pull up the virtual coupons for these stores on your phone. can just show the coupon on your phone screen to the cashier..... instead of the old-fashioned way of cutting paper coupons. Way to get with the times! I've saved many a dollar this way! So, I got my new piece of scrapbook paper for my April plaque, and a new plate stand.

Next, I decided to roam around Bed Bath & Beyond to use one of those standard $5.00 off coupons. You know, the kind that you have stacks of that always expire before you get around to making a Bed Bath & Beyond trip. Well, I went.... I agonized over how to spend $15 in order to get my $5 off, declining multiple offers by the sales people who asked if I would like a basket. I suppose I looked flustered with my arms full of random items. I finally found the best bargain. 1) a glass olive oil bottle/pourer for the kitchen 2) two couch pillows for $9.99! Not baaaadd. One of them was on clearance because of a tiny little tear in the stitching. (Who cares! I say- turn it on it's side so that no one notices).
To add to the excitement, Lindsey came home with some more matching couch pillows today. Our place is finally coming together.....6 months in.

Once again, another successful couponing experience!

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