Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Productivity in Reverse

Not sure what it is about getting my eyes dialiated that makes me immmediately want to read. What a tease. Does that happen to anyone else? I was so exhausted after my long day at work and my eye doctor appointment immediately following that I decided it would be a perfect night to sit on the porch and read my book. Fail. Its been three hours since my appointment and just now are my eyes starting to adjust back to somewhat normalcy. I can see up close just barely enough to type this. Every time this happens I promise myself that I won't make fun of my mom for having to break out her reading glasses.

I think my bed time will be no later than 8:00 tonight.  After my nutritious dinner of Reese's pieces and milk followed by Nyquil and nose spray, I won't be able to function for much longer. Hello first cold of the school year. I held out until October.

I am now changed into a mismatched sweatpants and Walmart sweat shirt ensemble and it reminds me of a little something I saw on Pinterest:

So true.

Here's to a more productive evening tomorrow!

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