Monday, November 12, 2012

Bag, Fridge, Heart

I tried sleeping but that isn't working right now. Too many thoughts swirling around. So, what better to do than write at 1:30 AM?  I think a JoyDare prompt is the direction this one will be heading.  Here it is for tonight: What is one thing in your bag, one thing in your fridge, one thing in your heart?

In my bag?

The FOUR fortunes I received last night out of ONE fortune cookie. You heard me. If that isnt lucky, I dont know what is. I have a hard time throwing those things away for some reason. I feel like I have to hang on to them so that they'll come true! So, in my purse they went. Along with all the old gum, loose change, and receipts that continue to hang out in there. I want to be one of those people ( like my sister) with a clean, organized purse. It just isn't in the cards for me.

The fortune cookies were on the counter at a surprise 30th birthday party I went to last night with my friend, Kasey. At the party, this happened....

A little off track there. Back to JoyDare.

In my fridge?

Farmers Market purchases! (nevermind that this was from last week.) I got romaine lettuce, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, a dozen large eggs, shelled pecans, jalepeno peppers, bell peppers, and a vidalia onion.  Now, for what I made with some of these things....I'll share the recipes.

1) Autumn Chopped Salad
2) Creamy Jalepeno Dip
3) White Turkey Chili 

In my heart? 

Celebrating one year today with this guy. I found him last year on Veteran's Day. He's provides entertainment for me on the daily. Thanks Whales.


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