Saturday, March 10, 2018

Essential Oil Resources

Part of what keeps me interested in using essential oils is the journey. The more I use them, the more I realize how much I DON'T know. Thankfully, there are some excellent resources out there and I have decided to compile some of my favorites into one place. My goal is to no longer hear anyone say that they have oils sitting in the box or on the shelf because they don't know what to do with them.

In an attempt to remedy this, here is a list of some of the most valuable resources I've come upon since January when I started my journey with Young Living Essential Oils.

1) An e-mail a day for 30 days from Jen O'Sullivan, "the oil lady to the oil ladies." To get these e-mails, go to --> Quick Course --> then click, "CLICK HERE" for the free 30 Day Intensive Course
* I created a new folder in my e-mail specifically for these so that I could go back and read. I have referred back to them often.

2) Jim Bob Haggerton, the crazy chiropractor from Texas. He is wayyyyy full of energy and I get distracted by watching him, but I like to let his YouTube videos play while I'm cooking or getting ready in the mornings. Just type Jim Bob Haggerton into the search bar on YouTube and his videos will come up. They are typically 15-30 min long, so.... good to listen to while walking or at the gym.

3) App: TheEOBar (Essential Oil Recipe & Usage Guide) also created by Jen O' Sullivan. Its $6.99 but worth it!

4) Jen O'Sullivan's Facebook Page: The Human Body and Essential Oils- You NEED to be a member of this one!

5) Jen O' Sullivan's book: French Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Recipes and Usage Guide. This one just came in the mail for me today and I'm going through it with my hi-lighter, cover to cover!

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