Monday, January 21, 2013


Ms. Wilson is happy because she doesn't have to work today
I had big plans for getting things done today. Thanks to MLK, I do not have to go to work today. Its now noon and lets just say, I woke up an hour ago.

I'm overwhelmed by the things on my to-do list today, so clearly I'm sitting in bed blogging. This seems to happen every time I have a 3 day weekend. It won't be the end of the world if nothing gets accomplished, but the week would be oh so much smoother if I did the things I should.


1) swiffer the floors downstairs
2) make a meal plan/grocery list for the week
3) actually GO to the grocery store
4) do my nails
5) wash clothes
6) change sheets
7) do the dishes
8) clear off dresser & dust the furniture in my room
9) exercise in some form or fashion
10) transfer the insides of my old raggedy wallet into the new one I got for Christmas
11) Go my the DMV- my licence is expired. (looking forward to a new picture)

Oh! Its Monday night. Guess what happens on Monday night? Only the cheesiest show and most guiltiest of all my pleasures: the Bachelor. I don't even like Sean. Not sure why I feel so compelled to watch every episode of every season. I'd like to think its because true love will be found....eventually.

Ok, so I'll leave my list at 11 things. Now that I've shared with you I feel a little more motivated to start.

What's on your list for today?


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