Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 5 of 2012

Last year I did a "Top 10" blog posts of the year.  This go-round I've slacked off a little. Such is life. You understand.

I'm going to stick with the top 5 for 2012. According to the stats, here are your favorites....

#5: Grief Camp

#4: Grocery Trip Gone Wrong (Or Right)

#3: Recent Developments

#2: Bachelorette Commentary

and the #1 blog post of 2012......

Chicken, Pickin' and Oysters!

I love seeing which posts get the most hits. It usually surprises me. The ones I enjoy writing the most are usually not your favorites. The ones you love are the ones I've thrown together on a whim. Interesting how that works out.

Did you have a favorite that didn't make it to the list? Do tell!


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